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One of the most important phosphates company in Jordan entrusts ULMA Conveyor Componets with the supply of rollers for a demanding Gypsum conveyor.

To collaborate with the client in improving the facilities a test of the material has been carried out at ULMA laboratory with the result of a specific product development that extends the life of the rollers for this application.

Jordan is the sixth world producer of phosphate and the second exporter of this raw material that it uses to produce fertilizers, soaps, insecticides, etc.

At ULMA Conveyor Components we have adopted a Sarenet solution that improves communications between our IT and OT networks, in addition to incorporating state-of-the-art cybersecurity tools to achieve maximum protection of our infrastructure.

The opening of subsidiaries abroad, the growing transformation towards a much more automated production system, the growth of elements connected to each other and to the outside world via the Internet and, in short, the unstoppable advance towards Industry 4.0; made ULMA Conveyor Components decide to go to industrial cybersecurity experts to protect our communications network with a security structure that will avoid putting the proper functioning of our production plant at risk.

The customized solution implemented was based on the segmentation and segregation of the IT networks of the Business and OT of the production plant, while installing state-of-the-art firewalls capable of filtering communications between both environments. This avoids the risk of possible erratic operation of the automated machines due to any failure or Internet attack or, worse still, forced stops in the production process..


An important German engineering company awards ULMA Conveyor Components an order for Heavy Duty rollers (HDC) for the expansion of the Almalyk MMC company’s copper mine.

The project contemplates the construction of a new copper concentrate plant to be built in the territory of Almalyk, Republic of Uzbekistan.

Almalyk’s MOF-3 processing plant will process the ore mainly by crushing, grinding and flotation, obtaining copper concentrate.

This is ULMA Conveyor Components’ first project in Uzbekistan, a country known for its gold mines and now also committed to copper mining.

Recently, during a technical-commercial visit carried out by our team to the facilities in the port of Gijón, we were able to verify the optimum performance of our rollers after more than 40 years of installation.

In the picture you can see rollers with the front cover of “Talleres de Ochandiano”, the name with which our Business was founded more than 60 years ago.

The experience and knowledge of a great team of professionals, as well as a selection of the best raw materials and cutting-edge manufacturing processes, make our rollers a PREMIUM element for your conveyors, avoiding belt breakages and unscheduled stops.


In these difficult times when obtaining raw materials is a hard task, we are prepared to offer an uninterrupted service.

We are always committed to meeting the expectations of our customers, both in terms of delivery and the quality of our ULMA rollers.

We make the difference.

Today we have something important to tell you, we have opened a new warehouse in Lima (Peru) to increase our presence in the country, offer a quick response and thus improve our customer service.

ULMA Conveyor Components has already accumulated several years of growth in Peru, becoming the leading supplier of rollers for large-scale copper mining.

After the new strategic alliance signed the previous year and after carrying out the first joint activities in Chile, the Commercial and Operations Director of REMA TIP TOP, Maglio Erazo, has visited the facilities of ULMA Conveyor Components in Spain, with the aim of knowing the roller/idler manufacturing plant, and to jointly set the 2022 goals.

During his visit, Mr. Erazo visited the headquarters of the ULMA Group, where he was able to see the Group’s area of new developments in which ULMA Conveyor Components is developing its monitored roller.

Following to the commitment of ULMA Conveyor Components to continue increasing its global presence, REMA TIP TOP CHILE and ULMA Conveyor Components have signed a collaboration agreement. REMA TIP TOP CHILE is one of the world leaders providing solutions for conveyor systems, with a strong position in the mining sector.  Through this collaboration the intent is to reinforce their commitment by incorporating a high-performance roller.

The agreement was signed the 15th of April (2021) and as it was not possible to travel due to the pandemic, the signing of the agreement took place on-line and in the presence of the management of both companies.

The Chilean market is strategic for ULMA Conveyor Components, given the importance of the mining sector in this country, and it is also one of the most suitable markets for introducing the HDC (Heavy Duty) roller.

ULMA has been involved in the big phosphate mines in the north of Africa since 40+ years. During this time, ULMA has been able to develop its product together with sealing system in order to exceed the life expectation of the roller in the hardest and dusty work environment. As a result, today ULMA is one of the few validated idler suppliers for the most demanding mines in this area. Continuing our journey with the fertilizer industry, we associated with sulphur handling facilities located in the middle East. Needless to say, ULMA brand is exclusively prescribed by these companies due to the superior roller performance and before-and-after sales support.

Using a proven experience throughout the world, ULMA has added one more feather into its cap by supplying a section of conveyor garlands and return rollers in a challenging operational underground Saskatchewan potash mine in Canada. This is serving as an important qualification trial which is confirming the robust and highly engineered rollers that are exceeding the requirements of the local potash mining conditions. Our people there together with the support from our colleagues from Bit Service Company are following up the performance of the product giving the best advice to the end user.

Steps like this make us at ULMA thrilled for the results to see just how much we can exceed the baseline service life the current bulk handling components experience, as ensuring client satisfaction is the main goal #ULMA #ULMAConveyorComponents.

ULMA Conveyor Components supplies rollers for the expansion of an iron mine in Russia.

The iron ore mine is located near the city of Kursk, in the western confines of Russia, close to the border with Ukraine.

This pioneer mining company in developing this iron ore basin, the richest in the world, trusts ULMA for this important project.