Company Background

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ULMA Conveyor Components is currently part of the ULMA Group, one of the largest Business Groups in northern Spain with almost 50 years market experience and a clear commitment to Innovation, Employment and Value Added.

ULMA Group comprises 8 cooperative companies and its activity pivots around 8 strategic Business units; Architectural Solutions, Agricola, Forklift Trucks, Construction, Conveyor ComponentsHandling Systems, Packaging and Piping. It upholds a trajectory of continuous expansion and sustained growth and an approach based on human and social values. The activities of ULMA include a wide variety of sectors and today there are more of 4,500 people employed in the Group, generating Total Sales superior to 700 million Euros.

Likewise, the ULMA Group is part of the MONDRAGON Corporation, participating since its origins in the Corporation’s educational entities, training, research and social provisions.