ULMA Conveyor Components is committed to increasing the quality and efficiency of the service and improving the internal performance of the organization through LEAN management strategies. All this with the main purpose of EMPOWERING CUSTOMER ORIENTATION even more.

In a first phase, the LEAN MANUFACTURING project has been successfully launched and implemented in the MANUFACTURING PROCESS and it is already in the review and continuous improvement stage. The involvement and dedication of the entire organization has been one of the keys of the project success and very positive results have already been obtained.

Based on the successful implementation of LEAN MANUFACTURING, ULMA Conveyor Components is committed to carrying out the same project in the processes related to OFFICE management and LEAN SERVICE project has been launched for that purpose. Once the project is launched and implemented, ULMA Conveyor Components will face the future by directing the management of its processes to the NEEDS OF THE CUSTOMERS, who will be clearly satisfied through PREMIUM solutions and proposals with great added value.